About us

Saikat Haldar after completing his ‘Bachelors of Visual Arts’ from Government college of art and craft, Kolkata, and having worked in Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata soon realized the need for tailor-made photographic services in Kolkata. He realized that the people of Kolkata had a variety of photographic needs, but due to the lack of availability and the high price point associated with quality photographic services, these needs were left unanswered. In 2005. Saikat Haldar along with one of his college associate Samrat Saha started I-frames to answer these needs. I-frames has come a long way since its inception, starting with very limited resources, now I-frames has more than 5 cameras, a wide array of lenses, premium lighting and support equipments, a 1000 sq. ft. studio and a group of talented individuals in its arsenal to answer all kinds of photographic needs. During the past 8 years, I-Frames has answered the photographic needs of eminent corporate clients as well as individuals. The name ‘I-frames’ is now synonymous with innovative and quality services at a reasonable price.

Photo 1-800  “Saikat  has   been   working   in   the  industry   for  over  a  decade.
  A   visionary   and   a  very   hard-working   guy. He  has  an  eye  for
  perfection   who   never    stops   until    he    gets   exactly  the  way
  he wants.   Always   full   of  innovative  ideas  and  very  proactive in
  his approach. His  works  are  a  perfect  combination of  old-school
  charm  and  contemporary  appeal.  If u have  a  photographic  need,
  then he is the guy who will have the answer.”
Saikat Haldar
(Director, Photographer)
Photo 3-800
  “Suvodip,  an  MBA  by  qualification, has  been  a  part  of   iFrames 
  for  the last  two  years  purely  because  of  his love for photography.
  A  talented  and  innovative  photographer,  who  keeps  a  tab on the
  latest techniques and in-vogue styles of photography. When he is not
  busy clicking,  he  is busy  streamlining  operations.  He  also  helps
  in  the  Marketing,   Branding  and   Promotional   strategies  here  in
 Suvodip Dutta
Photo 2-800  “Goutam has been a integral part of iFrames  for  last 6 years.  A very
  hard-working  and  co-operative   fellow.   Always   attentive   to  minor
  details   and  a  keen  observer.   His    responsibilities    apart   from  
  photography  also  includes  helping  in  setting up  lights, processing
  images   after   shoot   and    interacting   with   clients,   to  name  a 
 Goutam K. Banik
Photo 5-800   “After completing his course in Film studies from Jadavpur  University,
  he has been working  in  iFrames as a videographer  and  video-editor.
  He is always involved  in  R&D. He has a creative mind  and a positive
  attitude.   And  when  he  is not  busy  shooting, he  is  busy  with  his
Biswajit Das
Photo 4-800   “Its been a  year since Debasish has joined iFrames. A quick learner
  and   a  enthusiastic   fellow.  His  love  lies  in   Fashion  &  Glamour
  photography. His responsibilities also includes  setting-up lights apart
  from  photography.  He is tech savvy,  ambitious  and  keeps  himself
  regularly  involved  in  experimental  shoots”
 Debasish Saha
Photo 6-800   “The fresh and best of the lot ,  Sudip   is   still  learning his way and
  improving  everyday.  A   very  energetic   and  co-operative  guy.  We
  believe  his  zeal  for  learning  will take him very far in life. A  honest
  and straight forward guy, with tons of enthusiasm.”
 Sudip Kundu
(Assistant Photographer)
  Photo 8-800 “Saptadip   is   currently   pursuing   his  Bachelors  of   Visual  Arts 
  from  govt.  college of  Art   &  craft,  Kolkata.  And   working  as  a 
  Graphics Designer in iFrames. His  designs  are  out-of-the-box and
  contemporary.  He  also  loves  cartooning  and  he  is   into   music
Saptadip D. Sarkar
(Graphics Designer)
  Photo 7-800 “A lawyer by qualification, but his love for music has kept  him away
  from the courtroom and  in  the  music  scene  of  kolkata. He  has
  composed  numerous jingles for Radio ads  and  currently he  is the
  Lead   Guitarist  of   ‘Maseeha’  &  ‘Robi  O  Nobin’.   He  is  mostly
  responsible for the background scores in iFrames produced videos.”
 Monty Sen
(Music Composer)